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Architect services in Poole, Dorset 

Laura Ashworth, architect with clients in Poole, Dorset

Ready to create a space you're truly proud of?

Discover our architect services - and how we can help you.

Hire an architect in Dorset

This page explains how all of our architect services work. The key thing is that we are not an 'all or nothing' approach - so we know you may need a certain level of service to fit your requirements. That's completely ok, and we can fit around what you need.

Above all, we love a cup of tea and a chat (and a biscuit, please!). This way, we can advise what service is right for you. Start by booking your free on-site design consultation.

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Getting started

Sit down with us for an initial in-depth meeting, and we'll create the existing drawings you need to start your project.

Your opportunity to sit with us and discuss all your exciting ideas in-depth.

A surveyor will undertake a measured survey, so we can create drawings of your existing property - which is important for getting started with the exciting bit (your new drawings of your property).

We can prepare a 'site location plan' too - which is what you'll need for any planning or building regulations applications.

Scheme design

The fun part!

We go away and create a set of drawings for you - that will bring your options to life on paper.

Picture your new space with a set of drawings, showing a proposed design for your property.

We'll design something within your budget, to suit your needs and in line with any planning policy.

Sit down with us, and we'll talk through everything we've created for you - and we can discuss options, amendments and your all-important feedback.

Planning consultations

We've agreed on a design, so now we update your final planning drawings - and handle the planning application for you. Piece of cake.

Let's get you a positive outcome to your planning application! We manage the whole planning process for you.

We'll take care of the important paperwork, such as Design and Access statements and planning forms.

We act as your 'agents' - and speak to the planning department on your behalf, negotiate any adjustments they put forward and make necessary amendments.

Building regulations

The drawings your builder needs - for a tender process, building regulation & your peace of mind.

Give your chosen builder the detailed drawings they need - or use these drawings to tender for builders and contractors.

If required, we can specify everything from lighting, sockets, floor types, insulation, windows and more.

Have us take care of the tender process, too, if you want - where we will arrange 4-5 builder quotes and summarise to you, for easy understanding of your options.

Project management

From site visits to managing contracts, hand everything over to us - and we'll ensure a smooth build with minimal stress.

Taking away the headache, we can be your 'go-between' and make sure everything (and everyone) is taken care of.

We'll communicate with your contractors and be your advisor as the build progresses.
We can also look after your contract too, ensuring you stay within budget, and your contractors can give you monthly invoices for work completed.

Who our architect services are for 

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Home owners

modernising your home

adapting for family life

creating more space

achieving a better 'flow'

longing for a lifestyle

embarking on that dream project

Property developers

creating a space ideal for your buyers or tenants


maximising usable space for your budget

Commercial clients

achieving functional, creative spaces to meet your criteria, within your budget

option studies for change of use

new build site feasibility

listed building conversion & reuse retail & commercial change of use


HMO feasibility

site master planning

detail of modern building roof overhand by architect in Dorset.jpg

The projects we work on

Heritage properties


Older & listed buildings


Barn conversions


Conservation areas





New builds


Commercial properties


Change of use


Residential master planning


Cup of tea?

And a free consultation, on-site, to discuss your project. No obligation, completely free - and designed to give you an insight into how things can work for you.

Detail of tiled roof in Dorset

Architects in Dorset

We work with clients across Dorset - Poole, Bournemouth, Ferndown, Christchurch, Weymouth, Blandford Forum, Sherborne, Dorchester, Bridport, and surrounding areas.

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