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About Ashworth Architects - Dorset architect studio

Laura Ashworth Dorset architect with client

A creative, vibrant architect studio helping you create a space you



thrive in.

can grow into.

are truly proud of.

Ashworth Architects is all about realising incredible designs that achieve the functionality and lifestyle you're dreaming of - in your home, property or commercial building.

But what are we also about? Straightforward, stress-free and accessible advice on where to take your project, to fit your needs and budget. Strictly no complicated architect jargon allowed.

diagram of building

Cup of tea?

And a free consultation, on-site, to discuss your project. No obligation, completely free - and designed to give you an insight into how things can work for you.


Hello, I'm Laura Ashworth

Founder, Director & Lead Chartered Architect at Ashworth Architects

It never ceases to amaze me how an incredible architect can add value to someone's property - in so many ways. Often, their keen eye (their trained eye!) will deliver an impact that revitalises, refreshes and brings a lot of happiness into a space.

Exciting! Of course, it is. But I founded this architect studio on something more than all the amazing work architects do. I founded it on the desire to make architect services more approachable. More accessible. And easier, for you, for everyone - whether you're a homeowner looking to extend your heritage property or a commercial client trying to maximise usage.

We're a practice that's here to help you navigate

your project.

We generate creative spaces - on your terms, within your budget

We've all watched those TV shows, The ones where the architect comes in with roaring plans. Extravagant plans! They blow the client away. But when it comes to crunching the numbers, it doesn't add up.


We understand what you want, what you need and what you can have may differ. And we're here to create the very best space within your boundaries. That means if you're a self-builder with a big budget and want to explore your vision, then we're with you - and we're excited! But equally, if you're a homeowner with a smaller budget but ambitious plans, we're here for the challenge - and we'll show you what potential lies in that pot of money you've saved hard for.

Detail of stone wall.jpg

What makes us, us.

There are many architects out there. - so why choose us?

We're chartered architects.

This is we could tell you how amazing we are. But actually, being ARB registered and members of the RIBA, means you can trust in the fact we have the necessary accreditations, and we're industry-regulated.


We're experienced, too.

If the proof is in the pudding, we've got plenty to serve up - from commercial property developments to fantastic homes that frame the Jurassic coast from the living room.  Laura qualified in 2009 and so has a varied portfolio of experience.

We love exploring.

Ideas, concepts & boundaries. Tell us your vision, and we'll make the most out of your site and space - while thinking through everything from building regs and legislation to your budget and timescale.


We're jargon-free.

Specific terminology is brilliant - if you get it, and it makes things easier. But if not, that's absolutely fine - we strip out the jargon and make sure you understand everything. It's your project, after all.


We drink a lot of tea.

So what? Many architects do. But for us, having a cup of tea is more than just a nice drink. It's about sitting down and chatting with our clients - no pressure, no stress. Simply a space to explore your vision.

Photo of architect Laura Ashworth with her trademark cup of tea
Laura, architect with clients in Dorset

What our clients say

About working with Ashworth Architects

We felt comfortable working with Ashworth Architects. Laura provided clear advice from the outset and was able to tailor the level of service to exactly what we needed.


More about Laura

Learn about our Founder, Director & Lead Chartered Architect

Brought up around sawdust

My love for architecture starts right back when I was little. My Dad was a boatbuilder and carpenter - and was always building, crafting or fixing something!


Growing up, I saw how design could come to life around a home - and the impact it had. I think this sowed the seed... and I still love banging bits of wood together and making things.

House being renovated in the 1980s

Mine's the colour of MDF!

Tea, that is.


I love tea, and I love biscuits. Pretty unoriginal and irrelevant fact for you?


Perhaps! But there's reason I'm telling you this. I think a nice cuppa is the best way to sit down and make my clients feel at ease. Let's talk things through - no pressure, no obligation. We'll go from there

Laura Ashowrth architect looking at tablet
ARB logo

ARB Registered Architect

I'm not telling you this to show off, promise.


If you don't know already, ARB (Architects Registration Board) is an independent statutory regulator that manages the profession of Architects in the UK. This means they maintain standards and best practice by protecting the title ‘Architect’ by law. If I wasn't an architect, I couldn't say I am.


Why is this important for you?

But enough about us architects, more about why it matters to you! Simply, it gives you the reassurance that I've got the necessary qualifications and experience to use the title, 'architect'.


You might see 'architectural designers' out there - which may be all well and good, but they won't have the same level of qualifications and expertise as an architect (with our protected titles to prove it!).

RIBA Chartered practice logo

RIBA Chartered

That sounds great, right?


It does! But it's more than fancy letters at the end of my name.


Being a member of The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) assures you I'm committed to continuing my professional development and meeting the high standards of

the RIBA

heritage building

Our experience

Heritage homes with adored features and characteristics to be treasured. Respecting the boundaries of listed buildings. Bringing back to life a well-loved family home. Commercial buildings that need maximum functionality. We have a wealth of experience.


Architects in Dorset

We work with clients across Dorset - Poole, Bournemouth, Ferndown, Wimborne, Weymouth, Blandford Forum, Sherborne, Dorchester, Bridport, and surrounding areas.

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